King Jinheung (Actor Lee Soon-Jae) reign 514–540 and was followed by King Jinji (576–579). King Jinheung was the nephew of King Beopheung. King Jinheung was one of the greatest kings of Silla, and was responsible for expanding Silla territory immensely. He and King Seong, 26th king of Baekje, struggled with each other over the Han River valley. King Jinheung won this struggle and expanded Silla's territory immensely. King Jinheung's achievements for his kingdom established the basis for unification of Korea. He is remembered today by the Korean people as one of the greatest rulers of Silla and Korea.

The Gukseon Munno and Eulje is one of his loyal disciples.

King Jinheung is very close with Lady Mishil and he considers her his right hand.

In the first episode King Jinheung is seen near the territory of Baekje and was attack by several Baekje soldiers, Lady Mishil rescue him.

His story was popular and became a great topic throughout the series, the story about the tiger that he killed using only a dagger or Seohyeopdo a royal heirloom which he pass to King Jinpyeong and later pass on to Princess Deokman.

" It is not divine providence what bestows glory upon a ruler, It is people..He who can be blessed by people's faith, shall rule over creation for ages to come."Edit

His final injunction to Lady Mishil:

" The heir to my throne is The Royal Successor Baekjong, I hereby proclaimed Eulje as the head of the Council of Nobles. What is more according to our codes of law, Prince Geumnyun and Seju Mishil(Lady Mishil) will be removed from any post of significance and follow my lead, devoting their remaining days to serving the Buddha."

His final secret injunction to Lord Seolwon:

" Slay Mishil"

" As long as Lady Mishil is alive she will be treasure to Shilla, but once demise befall upon me, Mishil will become a treacherous poison afflicting this country."

His last conversation was with Baekjong, later known as King Jinpyeong telling him that he is the royal successor and must do all to protect Shilla.His last words was to unify the three kingdoms in order for Shilla to survive. He already died when Lady Mishil arrived to give King Jinheung a vile of poison. Baekjong/ King Jinpyeong saw what was Lady Mishil's trying to do, but he remain silent.