Seolwon (Actor Jeon-No-Min) is the 7th Commander, Lady Mishil's lover and also a noble disciple of Geochilbu. A loyal supporter of Lady Mishil, he has a very clever strategies on the battlefield. Bojong is his son with Lady Mishil, he understands Lady Mishil more than others. The only thing that he didn't know about Lady Mishil from the beggining is the Plum Blossom.

Until the end he became faithful to Lady Mishil, Even when she asked for helped before she died, that Seolwon must help Bidam in order to get the throne of her son Bidam, he did so faithfully. He helped Bidam in other matters and he proposed marriage between Deokman and Bidam. Lord Seolwon is a hero of Shilla he fight for it until the end and give his final report on the battlefield to Kim Yushin.