Who Will Appeal Most to Advertisers?Edit

Who will be the most sought-after model for commercials in 2010? Figure skating megastar Kim Yu-na (20) looks like the strongest contender, closely trailed by actress Go Hyeon-jeong (39) who starred in the hugely popular MBC TV series "Queen Seon Deok" last year.

  • Kim Yu-na
Kim is likely to maintain her position as the most sought-after commercial model in 2010. With high expectations that she will win an Olympic medal, she is the subject of intense competition among advertisers. recently picked Kim as one of the top-earning athletes of the 2010 Winter Olympics. It said she is a "marketing darling in her home country".And indeed Kim has a string of sponsorships from Hyundai Motor, Kookmin Bank and Nike, and the Haptic phone by Samsung Electronics she advertises sold over 1 million sets in just seven months after the launch.
Ko is definitely a force to be reckoned with and is expanding her presence in the advertising market. She recently signed a deal with Lancôme, edging out younger actresses. Ko does not have the prettiest face or the most unique character, but her pure image makes a powerful impression.
  • Hwang Jeong-eum
Hwang Jeong-eum confessed on MBC reality show "Just Married" that she had just W487 (US$1=W1,144) in her bank account. But three months later, she has W2.3 billion. A former member of girl group Sugar, Hwang turned to acting, and became an overnight star thanks to MBC daily sitcom "High Kick Through The Roof". Her fresh look and vibrant personality in the sitcom captured the hearts of audiences and advertisers.
Lee Yo-won's strength is her innocent image. Despite the fact that she has been married for seven years and is the mother of a young girl, people still see her as their little sister. She captivates people of all age with her smile and is constantly wooed by advertisers. On the back of TV series "Queen Seon-deok" last year, she got four advertising deals, including with insurance and construction companies.
  • Moon Geun-yeong
Moon Geun-yoeng has been in TV commercials non-stop for the last several years. Sometimes she dazzled the audience in provocative clothes and sexy dance moves, and sometimes she played the role of the "nation's little sister".
  • UEE
UEE of girl group After School is a former athlete and appealed to audiences with her healthy, athletic body. Thanks to this, she is currently unstoppable in the advertising market.